Target Specific Marketing, Inc.


 We are a very specialized group of professionals who have worked together as a closely knit team for nearly seven years. Our backgrounds are truly diverse which allow us to bring a broad range of entrepreneurial expertise to the table. Our objective is to use our private premium domain name Portfolio to provide first class service to you whether you are a startup or an established company.

Companies must, one way or another, stamp an exclusively descriptive corporate brand on the minds of their target audience. In this fashion they will draw to themselves the market they’re committed to reaching and excluding out their competitors. Their goal is to identify themselves as simply and as inexpensively as possible. This means to exclude the standard repetitive forms of mass media ads which have to be funded day in and day out or their message will be quickly forgotten.

Their customer can search out for what they’re looking for in any search engine and if your company has a high SEO ranking, then it will greatly benefit from organic search results. This is an ideal approach but it takes the longest time (up to years) so it cannot be counted on in the short-run.

 Another approach is through intensive mass media marketing campaigns which are costly and time consuming and therefore only feasible for large corporations with massive budgets who can afford to buy print and airtime during peak times and events.

 Then there’s another approach which is to capture a domain name referred to as an Exact Match Domain (EMD). These present the best of all worlds since their names enhance Google search results and organically draws traffic to your new domain. These 2-3 word EMDs, brand your business with the most memorable description of “what you do” NOT “who you are”.

3How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

 Target Specific. Marketing, Inc. provides you a portfolio of catchy domain names, easily remembered that will rank high in organic search results to select from.

Additionally, we provide large businesses which need a premium domain name to redirect or update their original business concept to more current marketing strategies thru Digital Rebranding.


Our Team

Dr. Gil Rosenbrier – Chief Executive Officer

Ray Lakhan – Chief Information Officer